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10:08 pm

My boring day

Friday, December 13th, 2002
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Went to the incon today, bought some food.

Printed out a practice exam for 330, didn't get very far.

Maybe play some videogames later tonight.

Gentoo is installing on my laptop. There were some initial problems. First of all, the 1.4rc1 ISO did not include PCMCIA drivers, so I could not get the network card enabled. This already seems to be a known bug, though. I booted off the 1.2 ISO instead. The first kernel I compiled was just horribly broken. I don't know what happened, but some PCMCIA related modules would get stuck in initializing, and anything that needed to sleep() got stuck. Reinstall the kernel source, recompile the kernel, and we're good to go.

This laptop is 233MHz, so all this compiling takes time. It's chugging along on XFree86 now. This will take some serious time. I started it hours ago. There are 4969 *.c files in the xc/ directory, and it's compiled 1693 so far.

Ooh, iron chef! Time to waste more time watching TV!
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