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05:49 pm


Thursday, November 7th, 2002
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Some day!

Classes progressed as usual today. In econ lecture, I saw Neha again, and this time she had a laptop running linux! Unfortunately, it was being used to do a pretty harsh CMSC214 project. She explained that she had been going to the previous lecture, hence the not seeing her. So after the lecture, I ran into Ben Reed, of Unionville high school fame. Caught up with him, and he was asking about taking some computer science classes. Eventually, he expressed some interest in helping with spacegame. So, I've got that going.

Finally, the CMSC311 midterm. Not as bad as I thought. Lots of number things, but no proofs (H00RAY!). My MIPS programming was spot on, but I didn't have time to draw the last circuit on the test. So, I don't know how much I'll miss for that. But whatever. I still have to do some econ homework, but the week is almost over.
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