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09:47 pm

Monday, October 14th, 2002
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I'm... almost sure that Handhelj is logging in correctly now. All the userinfo is parsed (not stored yet), moods are parsed and stored, and it only requests moods it doesn't have. No memory leaks are caught, no databases are closed without being unlocked. I'm slightly concerned that the request is coming back truncated, and I'm not actually getting all the moods. Anyway.

Things left:

  • Mood selector code (GUI is already done)
  • Posting code
  • Store users in database
  • Store entries in database
  • Make stupid Edit->Cut/Copy/Paste menu things work
  • Remove debug code
    • Actually honor the netlib/inetlib choice
    • Uncomment the antenna check
    • Probably other stuff
  • Display wireless signal strength, if I can figure out how.
  • Add an option to disconnect after all communication.
  • Add progress dialog with cancel button for network activity.
After that, I release the beta for wireless users only. While people are testing it, I have this to do:
  • Implement userpic code (a shared library to read GIF, JPEG, and PNG unfortunately)
  • Write linux hotsync client
  • Beg for help on windows client again
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