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09:40 pm

Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
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I got a spam legitimate business mail from today about some expensive phone they have a sale on. The expensive phone has an aluminium chassis and no web support. Anyway, that got me thinking about getting a mobile phone, even though I never will. Nobody calls me. Therefore, I don't need a mobile phone. They are cool looking, though.

I'd really like some kind of uber-handheld that does 802.11b and 1xRTT and is small and runs PalmOS. Or is a blackberry. Blackberries rule very much big time.

Got nothing else to say. I think I'll play some war3 and then try to debug the UserList form in Handhelj. If you ever open that form during a Handhelj session, the app crashes when you exit. I need valgrind for PalmOS :P
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From: aerasin
2002-09-11 03:16 am (UTC)
You will have people call you if you get one. Usually in the most obnoxious places ever. And your privacy will instantly be comprimised.

But they are cool. ;)
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