Kevin Vance - illiteracy ... or dasher? (43cpm)

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11:35 pm

illiteracy ... or dasher? (43cpm)

Monday, September 2nd, 2002
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i didnt do much today. conal has moved in and seems to know more people than i do. i am writing this with dasher which is fun and silent. i now remember how much lonelliness is. hopefully i will feel better when classes start and i have some work to do. i also installed prc tools so i can get back to work on handhelj. iwill keep rambling because entering text into dasher is fun. you dont have to read. sothere was this mandatory floor meeting and everyone had to introduce themselves. i dont remember a single name. from now on i need to repreatnames to myself or iwill never remember anything. have i mentioned that dan bremer lives in my building. i ought to payhim a visit. hes a friend from high school. also there was some girl who seemed to recognize me from high school. at least she guessed unionville and i think i forgot to say where i was from. we also had to answer silly questions to break the ice. one was to name aplace we would like to visit. isaid the moon because i couldnt think of anywhere here. this got the biggest laugh of the entire thing and i didnt really want that. i think i will try to sleep now. i hopedashers save function actually works.
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