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04:09 am

Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
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Gah, is there even a point in sleeping now? Have to start morning routine in two hours.

I guess not. I'll just fire up diablo again (thanks for ruining my "free" time AGAIN, blizzard!). If I had two machines I'd be done by now :)

Also, that reminds me. In the theoretical two-machines setup, I'd need them both attached to the same speakers (klipschen). Everything's analog. Will a basic Y-splitter work, or do I need to buy even more crap? :P

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[User Picture]From: techpimp
2002-06-25 01:29 am (UTC)
Sorry man, you need a shorting 2-pole switch.

Rotary switches are commonly used, but those are likely to have 6 positions.

I can set you up with whatever you need.
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2002-06-25 06:51 am (UTC)
Nuts! I figured it wouldn't be that simple. I could always get a KVM with audio support, since I'm getting one anyway. Is there an alternative to getting an expensive mixer to get sound from both sources into the speakers at once?

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[User Picture]From: techpimp
2002-06-25 09:19 am (UTC)

Oh, from both at ONCE?

This is doable without a mixer. You need 6 resistors. You also need to use outputs that would be capable of driving headphones, not just line outs (though on MOST soundcards, they are the same).

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