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02:02 am

Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
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Too bad my credit card is from maryland, or I'd be winning mad cash playing minesweeper on worldwinner.

I fixed my neighbor's computer today (wednesday). IE was being real unresponsive at startup, but would load eventually. So, in time I found out that the offending process was msbb.exe, an evil little program that pops up ad windows and monitors your web browsing. And breaks IE. Deleted it, ran ad-aware to erase some 60 other spyware related files, and it's good as new! I've still got it!

On the topic, I'm "upgrading" the Pentium200 machine that my brother and mother use. The criteria were:
1) real cheap
2) can play today's games
I came up with a 1GHz athlon / pcchips mobo with onboard sound combo, which I don't particularly like, but see #1; a GeForce2 MX400; 256MB RAM; some Enlight case; and a $5 nic.

Not particularly cool in any way, but ~$350 including shipping, so it'll do. Plus, it's upgradable in a way that doesn't involve replacing all of it. Anyway, the graphics card, the ram, and the nic arrived today. The case won't be here until the 7th says UPS (it's been in transit between texas and PA since 12/28...)
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