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06:25 pm

Thursday, November 15th, 2001
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From: M. Michael Boyle <>
Subject: midterm 3 curve
Dear Class,

10 points will be added to each midterm 3 score.
You can do better.

There will be no curve on the fourth midterm.
Study and do homework to prepare.

"heh" and "uh oh" respectively. Even with 10 points, that test is still so low that I'm dropping it. (Hooray for dropping the worst test!) I'm confident that I can get an A for the semester, though. Also, it's late enough that I will project my grades:

MATH141: A
CMSC114: A
PSYC100: B (or A if I really try)
ARTH275: C (a B is technically obtainable, but practically impossible)

I'm feeling really angsty because I haven't been doing ANYTHING lately. It's so hard to break out of this.
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