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12:06 am

Wednesday, October 31st, 2001
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Poor LJ, the downtime wasn't even its fault :(

So, updates in reverse chronological order.

I have an exam in Art & Archaeology of Africa tomorrow morning. Eep. Various things I should be able to identify: ancient rock art, egypt (old, middle, new kingdoms), nubia, ethiopia, djenne, nok, igbo-ukwu, ile-ife, owo, and benin. I have my work cut out for me. I'm tempted to skip my calc lecture tomorrow for study, but I probably won't. This whole thing about infinite series is getting way too confusing for me to be skipping lectures.

I think my latest psyc100 paper was better than the last one. It's better organized, at least. The exam... hmm, I wonder if the answers are posted yet. [30 minutes pass] You know, I have NO IDEA where the psyc100 website is. I just can't find it. Blegh. So, where was I?

My calc TA was finally back. Chapter 9 sounds like witch-talk, lisa...

I had a really bizarre dream this morning, and I should probably write about it here but I won't. This reverse chronological order thing has my brain all muddled. End transmission.

End transmission.

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