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09:20 pm

boring computer post

Thursday, May 31st, 2001
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I'm setting up linux for the last time, and now I'm doing it Right. Everything is reiserfs, including /. There are ~10G partitions for / and /home and 15G for /usr. There's a 20G RAID-0 for video capture. I want to test it, but my download of the X sources failed, so I have to try again. This will take more hours than I have tonight.

I'm back in win2k now, and I'm pleased to report that it hasn't been misbehaving at all. The only problem I've had to this point is that Thief 2 explodes violently when I try to enable EAX, taking windows down with it. What's the point of playing that game without 3D positional audio? :P

Also, if MS did only one thing right in 2k, it's the disk management utility. I was able to very easily instruct it to lay off my linux partitions, format my second FAT32 partition, and reletter the drives. Well done.

Of course, just to prove me wrong, it gave me an ominous error message when I quit. Everything looks okay, though.

Hopefully, tomorrow should be my last day of downloading stuff.
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