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03:59 pm

Tuesday, May 29th, 2001
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Went to school even though I was sick. Only have 1 day left after today, might as well be there. So, we've been doing this blimp project. The goal was to transport a golfball the furthest, and what could be better than a blimp?

Well, Long came in with the baloons. We attached them, put in the ball, and switched on the motor. It was a sight to see. I think that's the first time I've ever built something so cool. It whizzed along the guideline, woohoo!

So, we go outside to the field. Everyone else had a catapult or slingshot of some kind. Then the thunderstorm hit. It was beautiful and sunny before Physics, then the wind picked up, then it poured huge, fat drops of rain until school was over. Obviously, we hadn't designed it to run in these conditions, so baloons got blown into the fan, it whipped around, the rain weighed down on the balloons. It didn't go anywhere.

The aptly named Hindenberg II was a failure. But you should have seen the test run...
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