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05:22 am

Tuesday, April 17th, 2001
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D'oh. VA closed its banner program, and I never ordered my T-shirts. Rats.


Verdammt! Schule heute. *more grumbling auf deutsch*

Well, at least there are only traces of my cold left. I had some weird dreams, but I forgot to remember them. Away!

Addendum: Wait, I remember part of my dream! I must've had school on the mind, because that's where it was. It was AP test day, and I forgot and went to class. So I went to study hall and started taking an AP English test (even though this isn't something I signed up for in meatspace).

It was really boring, and I didn't know most of the answers. They were all about obscure beowulf-era literature questions. And there was an assignment where you had to write a whole newspaper, and color codes that you had to write out in ratios like RGGGBB. Some girl showed me hers, and it was pretty impressive, in terms of layout and content. It was about some rock band she knew. There were animated, panoramic photographs somehow. I wasn't worried, though, what with my 31337 design ski11z.

And I'd keep leaving and going to class, only to remember that I was supposed to be taking the test, and I'd have to leave. There were 4 or 5 pencil sharpeners in the room. None of them would get a nice point on my pencil. Also, I felt particularly alienated in one class, though I tried my best to be friendly (this included telling sick jokes (it was a weird dream)).

Oops, getting late. That's about all I remember anyway.
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