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07:05 pm

isolated thoughts from today

Friday, January 5th, 2001
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We got more snow today than from "the big snowstorm" last week. No weathermen predicted that, nosir.

My friends page hasn't worked all day, grr... then again, I've been in windows all day and maybe IE is being stingy with the cache.

My brother's band is over. I'm listening to chiptunes on nectarine to drown them out. Well, it's not working that well, but I can shake the walls with my woofer when they get too annoying <eg>

MZX Sound System is being fucky. I took a break from working on it yesterday due to school, and it seems that I left a lot of bad code behind. Well, I'm working on it. The biggest problem right now is that for some reason, messages aren't all being passed immediately. Either MZXS31S isn't fflushing() when I tell it to, or (more likely) I got the windows timer and select() code wrong.
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