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07:34 pm

Wednesday, December 6th, 2000
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Afternoon dream. I have to stop sleeping in the afternoon. But until then, here's my wacky dream:

There was some important guy I had to talk to, so I set out to do it. I told my parents I was staying with my grandmother and went to this hotel dealie where I knew he was. There, I met up with my friends Mike and Ryan who seemed to have bought out the whole floor that the guy was on. They helped me unpack, but I was trying to figure out a way to get my grandmom to think I was at her house.

Then, more people I know, Danny and Q appeared. They had a document they wanted me to read, but I was reading it wrong. All I remember of that part.

The important guy's room was guarded, so we set up a table and guarded the room across from it. Things start fading around here, because it intersects with another dream.

Somebody, probably Ryan, was telling me about how there was a Pizza Day last year at high school. Not the kind where you get pizza at lunch, but rather a religious day. But the talk went into a flashback, and I was there. I knew I shouldn't take a slice of pizza because I wasn't really there, but I did anyway. So I went back around, and there were these footsteps you had to follow to get to the pizza again. The first time I did it was really hard, but then /another/ guy I know from real life, Ben, appeared and showed me that I was using the women's path and pointed me to the men's one. That was much easier to walk one. And right in the middle of eating, I woke up.

That definitely holds the record for amount of people from real life in it.
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