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08:32 pm

Wednesday, November 29th, 2000
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It's supposed to snow tonight. Right now, it's just raining. And it's pretty warm ouside, too. Well, perhaps things will cool off. It's almost December, and there hasn't been any snow yet...

I had this weird dream during my afternoon nap. I was in some wacky place with lots of bright lights, but I left quickly because I thought somebody was following me. But then I couldn't go back in because I left my shoes in there. Then, I found this place that was supposed to sell shoes, but there were a bunch of annoying teenagers in it, who were mocking my thoughs.

Looks like I forgot to post this. I'd write about another dream I had a few days ago, but I forget most of the details. All I can recall now is the end: I stepped outside of the school (which led to a busy city street for some reason (I live in rural PA, so no such thing exists)), and wanted to get a coke from the soda machine. I actually had the correct change, but the machine ate it, and the indicator lights were flickering. Then, I realised it was a refridgerator with a coin slot and buttons on it, so I opened it and took out a coke, and left. Then, I felt /really/ guilty, like I had stolen the soda. I could feel the people staring at me, even though I didn't. So, I went to open it, but I noticed it was contaminated with some blue stuff, probably to catch the guy who took it, so I had to spill the whole thing out.

There were other wacky adventures inside the school, too. I don't know why I didn't write about this dream after I had it.
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