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06:08 pm

Wednesday, October 25th, 2000
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Caveat Lector, I am going to rant about school for a while.

I'd like school a lot better if I could skip everything except Physics and Economics. Maybe I would occasionally go to Calculus also, but not very often. I actually /like/ Physics this year because I have a good knowledge base from Physics last year. So I can actually do a lab experiment, analyze and calculate the data, and make a valid conclusion. This is the goal of all such experiments, but I rarely see any students discover stuff like that. Usually, they just read the book and twist the numbers to the appropriate formula.

Economics is just cool. Economic concepts really blow my mind :) Calculus would be great, except we move at a snail's pace; learn something one day and spend the next few practicing. That kind of work should be done at home if needed. If not, just get on with the next lesson. I don't like English at all. The subject matter is fine, who doesn't like middle-english literature? But we have to do a lot of happy-time-group-teamwork, which many people like, but not introverted xenophobes such as myself.
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