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06:55 pm

Monday, March 8th, 2010
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I have a PS3 slim! If you want to be Playstation friends, I'm FarChime. (ParTime, my online gaming nickname since the mid-1990s, was taken.) I bought it to play FFXIII, and my copy is currently in the hands of UPS.

Trying to find a PS3 this month was like being in alternate universe 2007. I went to four stores and came back empty handed. I had to resort to ordering one online from RadioShack, because Amazon was out of stock at the time.

I really have to commend Sony for not nickle-and-diming me to death with it either. Everything I needed was in the box, and it's all normal stuff. The controllers charge with a plain USB cable, my normal USB keyboard works, there's a standard HDMI video port in the back, the internal wireless adapter is included, no stupidly expensive memory cards are required, and there's no subscription fee to play online. THANK YOU.

It's still a stupid waste of silicon and plastic considering I have a more powerful general purpose computer, but obviously I've thrown up my hands at that years ago ;)
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