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01:53 am

Friday, July 18th, 2008
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In case the rest of the internet hasn't mentioned it yet, Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog is... well, it's kind of like if you made a live action series set in the Venture Bros universe.

Anyway, it's rekindled my interest in RTMP stream ripping. Dr. Horrible is hosted by Hulu, which is difficult to use with my proof-of-concept RTMP client, Loose Seal. It does some kind of authentication in the web browser and passes along a token in the RTMP connection request. Unlike in 2006, when I originally wrote Loose Seal, there is now a flash plugin for linux that supports RTMP. So now there is the option of a traditional stream ripper, in the form of tcpdump -> tcp reassembly -> video reassembly -> multiplex.

Because RTMP streams video and audio separately, the multiplexer is still a missing piece in Loose Seal. I was taking a look at this today. I played around with ffmpeg quite a bit, but it really seems to want container formats around most of its video codecs. Only certain codecs seem to support "containers" of raw video. So I'm looking into parsing the frames myself. I don't know much about compression, so I was floored by the whole idea of range coding. There is some serious shit going on in the VP6 codec. I really like that documentation I just linked on the MultimediaWiki, but it seems incomplete.

It's really interesting stuff, but between that and FFTA2, I didn't get anything done today. Yeah, FFTA2... I've logged 60 hours on that. It's now second only to Tetris on my DS. Tetris doesn't tell you how many hours you've wasted on it. Probably for the best.
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