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09:12 am

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
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aUGH, the infamous GOBBLES writes a joke about the RIAA hax0ring peer-to-peer networks to accompany an mpg123 security advisory on bugtraq, and the next thing you know, it's on the front page of slashdot... WITHOUT the "it's funny, laugh" icon.

Bah, bah, bah.
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[User Picture]From: ldy
2003-01-14 06:18 am (UTC)
Heheh. I was one of the many who submitted that last night. I can't say whether it's a hoax or not. But in what I read in the Register, complete with bad spelling, and conflicting information... if it IS for real, they did a good job of making it look like it wasn't.
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2003-01-14 01:02 pm (UTC)

Which just goes to show you...

...never believe anything you read in The Register :)
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From: thedexter
2003-01-14 02:44 pm (UTC)

slashdot's a horrible 'news' site, honestly.
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[User Picture]From: nonexistent
2003-01-14 09:52 pm (UTC)
News? It's more of a link blog anymore.
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From: ex_md744
2003-01-14 10:48 pm (UTC)
I've hated /. for news since I matured. I do hardocp Which is really like... everything. They even link important world stuff fairly often. Google too, I suppose, but I'm just trumpeting their good search engine, I've only checked their news once. I was immediately disgusted with the world.

You know California has a $35 billion defecit this year? whoooooo.... Grey Davis is Gonna double the cost of Community College.
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From: thedexter
2003-01-15 06:31 am (UTC)


(Your icon was on my copy of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. which is ... odd.)
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[User Picture]From: nonexistent
2003-01-16 01:39 pm (UTC)

I got it from the cover of my copy of Turgenev's Fathers and Sons.

Must be well-known in Slavophilic academic circles, or something.
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[User Picture]From: nonexistent
2003-01-16 01:48 pm (UTC)
Here we go: It's from a painting called Convicted, by a 19th-century Russian artist, Vladimir Makovsky.
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