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11:12 pm

Mr. Robot

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
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I started playing Mr. Robot today, one of the games I got in the Steam indie games bundle. I've played a few hours plus the long tutorial, and it's really good! There's still a few games in the bundle I haven't tried yet, but I suspect this is going to be my favorite.

The gameplay is exploration and puzzle solving (mostly sokoban-type crate pushing) in an isometric view, with an extra RPG combat thing bolted on. It also provides me with a very nice nostalgic vibe, as it's a kind of game that's more 1990s than 2000s.

I had a couple of minor technical problems. I (and a lot of people on the forums!) could not assign controls using a gamepad. I actually took a hex editor to the savegame file to put my controls in. Later, when I was adding d-pad keyboard mappings using Logitech Profiler, I realized I could have just used that to map the other controls to keyboard ones too. Oops!

The game also seems to be framerate locked to 25Hz. Gameplay looks fine that way as long as the screen isn't scrolling, but watching the mouse cursor actually hurts my brain.

Those are easy to overlook, though, in exchange for releasing your inner Pusher Robot.
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